Technology Use Cases


With Dimensigon, you can validate a Use Case on a mouse-click. For your own purposes or a PoC, we make the installation for you and you can continue with your Use Case Ready-to-Go.




To be added:

  • LeanXcale ingesting 1-year data volume Uber NYC 2013 data in ~10 minutes with only 4 vCPUs vs Uber NYC Infrastructure + Dashboard to prove online aggregation and real-time analytics.
  • LeanXcale, General Administration, and Overview.
  • LeanXcale, Replication, and Data Intake Test.
  • Tibero, 1-Node “Single-TAC”. Encryption and Scalability readiness.
  • Tibero, 2-Node TAC. HA Testing.
  • Tibero. 1-Node “Condensed” in 3 Clouds. Proving “any Cluster” possibility.
  • Exasol, Virtual Schemas, and Quick Reporting.


Privately available:


  • Tibero vs Oracle vs EDB. Performance Testing.
  • Tibero, Oracle to Tibero test migration with T-Up.
  • Dimensigon Data Platform demo.
  • Tibero, Data Virtualization Examples.