This course is focused for Database Administrators.

Difficulty: Very Easy for Oracle DBAs. Easy for DBAs from other RDBMS.

About Tibero Database

Tibero Database is a RDBMS database that has a worldwide growing position as well in Europe. In Asia and especially in South Korea where it has a dominant market share. It has been promoted by the South Korean Government to get a safer data engine against cyberattacks and to be technology independent.

Tibero was built for compatibility with Oracle Database and IBM DB2 Database at the same time. PSM is a built-in language that shares package names with PL/SQL.

Oracle DBAs and DB Developers find Tibero interesting because it shares administration concepts and enable developers to port their code without changes in 97% of the cases. Companies that adopt Tibero pursue to keep 1 code branch that works in 2 different engines at the same time, Oracle and Tibero.

Tibero simplifies the terms of licensing and it is often used as a Cloud Strategy because of the wide number of features available with different cloud providers and the added-value it brings to the applications.

Tibero Database is a proven RDBMS that stands versus Oracle Database or Exadata in terms of performance, scalability, flexibility and security at competitive cost versus Open-Source commercial Ecosystem vendors.

Tibero Documentation


  • Developers: Tibero tbPSM Reference Guide (PSM is the most similar language to PL/SQL
  • DBAs: Tibero Administrator’s Guide

Do you need a schema instead of a Docker container? Get it here. It is free forever.

Client and Interfaces

If you need to use GUIs to program, here are the instructions on how to configure them.

TmaxSoft Official Website

Do you want to create your own machine, register in and claim your own trial license.

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Course administration topics

The topics part of the “Tibero Translation Course” are part of a training made for Oracle DBAs to get them up-to-speed with Tibero in less than a week.

  1. Tibero Translation Course: Oracle-Tibero Initialization Parameters Comparison Table
  2. Tibero Translation Course: Tibero Basics (I), DBA First Contact at OS Level, Start, Check & Stop
  3. Tibero Translation Course: Backup & Recovery, Export & Import Utilities
  4. Tibero Translation Course: Basic Security Topics
  5. Some Interesting features for day-to-day confort


Course Installation topics

  1. Basic Installation (Linux, Docker and Cloud Options)
  2. Using Tibero AS (Active Storage=ASM)
  3. Mounting a Tibero HA Setup (TAC = Tibero Active Cluster = RAC)
  4. Mounting your own 1-node Tibero Zetadata (=Exadata)

Advanced Topics

  1. Tibero AS or Zetadata Storage Administration
  2. Cloud Administration
  3. Proactive Maintenance
  4. Best Practices
  5. Disaster Recovery (TSC = Tibero Standby Cluster = Oracle Data Guard)


If you require more topics to be publish, feel free to contact via form or email. Thanks!

NEW: Tibero 7 Course Topics

Launched in March 2022 in APAC. To be available in EMEA from June 2022.

  1. Flashback Database
  2. Reverse Sync of Standby
  3. Cloud: AWS Deployment (Quick Start & Billing Measurement)
  4. In-Memory Column Store
  5. JSON and GIS Support
  6. Label Security and Audit