LeanXcale Database

Unrivaled Linear Scalability for NewSQL Databases.


Linear Scalability

NewSQL Database

Geodistributed HA


Dynamic Load Balancing

Integrate with Data Lakes

Hybrid Row Columnar Comp.

Novel Dictionary Compression

Real-Time Aggregations

Non Intrusive Elasticity

Efficient for Random Queries and Updates

Security by design at no cost

The basic principles for LxDB ("LeanXcale Database") transaction management are the following:

  • Separation of commit from the visibility of committed data
  • Proactive pre-assignment of commit timestamps to committing transactions
  • Detection and resolution of conflicts before commit
  • Transactions can commit in parallel due to:
    • They do not conflict
    • They have their commit timestamp already assigned that will determine its serialization order
    • Visibility is regulated separately to guarantee the reading of fully consistent states

ACID transactions can scale because they are decomposed in different components that can be distributed and scaled independently.


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