Forever Free Tier – PL/SQL (SQLaaS)

0.00  / year



Creation of 1 temporary Dedicated User (schema) where you can:

  • Execute SQL (SQLaaS) as much as you wish
  • Data Definitions:
    • Create your own tables and views.
  • Data Quota: 100 MB.
  • PLSQLaaS ( PL/SQL ~= PSM):
    • Create Procedures, Functions, Packages, and Triggers.
  • You can create Spatial Objects
  • You can compress your own objects using the official documentation.
  • You can create partitioned objects (List, Range, Hash, Interval)
  • You can use Virtual Private Database (Session variables) to set attributes while building/migrating an application, to enable access to different subsets of data. More info here.
  • You are able to tune your own queries.
  • You can export and import your data at any time.
  • GDPR-Compliant. All data residing in USERS Tablespace is encrypted by default.
If you contact us and inform us or buy a PLSQLaaS SQLaaS Production Service or similar, indicating your username/s. We can put the deletion process on-hold.


Multi-User Limits
You are able to provide privileges to other users that you may have ordered.
Multi-User orders are limited to 20 users per user/company.
In any case, never provide privileges to “PUBLIC” user, it is also a bad practice in DB Development.
This service is provided at your own risk, we are not responsible for any damage it may cause you or your company.


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