Focused on your code, not administering your DB.

We scale-in, scale-out your database, fully managed and when necessary, to perform at its best.


Forever Free Tier Service

Creation of 1 temporary Dedicated User(schema) where you can:

  • Execute SQL (SQLaaS) as much as you wish
  • Data Definitions:
    • Create your own tables and views.
  • Data Quota: 100 MB.
  • PLSQLaaS ( PL/SQL ~= PSM):
    • Create Procedures, Functions, Packages, and Triggers.
  • You can create Spatial Objects
  • You can compress your own objects using the official documentation.
  • You can create partitioned objects (List, Range, Hash, Interval)
  • You can use Virtual Private Database (Session variables).
  • You are able to tune your own queries.
  • You can export and import your data at any time.

Forever Free Developer Service technical details

  • A single-node server with 4 vCPUs Intel x86 64bit.
  • 4 GB Physical resources.
  • 1 single hard disk drive
  • Base on workload, performance may vary. We will scale the service if required, due to the very different connection times and quotas, it is working very good so far.
  • Shared Database, all users reside in the same database.
    • Each user cannot see each other objects, definition either data.
  • All the data is encrypted using an industry-standard algorithm. (Data Encryption Docs)
  • The technical specifications may change at any time at our own discretion without notice.

PLSQLaaS & SQLaaS Production Service

Subscription model

  • Cost is based on the CPU consumed + Disk space used per Gigabyte.

Disk Space Used (GB): Space used inside the database plus the space consumed by the backup policy default or your own policy.
Backups are kept compressed. Through compression, the backup’s size is reduced by 4-10 times.

Additionally to the Trial Service, The PLSQLaaS Production Service includes the following:

  • Your account is migrated at the earliest convenience
  • Your user can be renamed to a custom one of your choice
  • Features not available in the Trial version:
    • Predicate Filtering: To parse Terabyte size data volumes 20 times faster.
    • You can use Columnar Compression: This will reduce your bill drastically and if badly used, it affects your own performance.
  • Advisory service, our DBA Experts will help you along the road. You can send us an email with any problem or question you may have, including compiling problems when developing, performance problems when your application is already designed and more.

PLSQLaaS Dedicated Database Service

PLSQLaaS Dedicated Database Service allocates a dedicated Database fully managed by us.

  • You are able to create as many users that you may like. (Limited to 500 for best practices)
  • Optionally, you can request an additional monitoring dashboard to check your own database performance real-time.
    • It has additional costs of the virtual server plus our managed server fee. Check with us first.

Each user enjoys the benefit of the all the services and benefits from PLSQLaaS Services in this page.