PLSQLaaS Reference Guide

System PackageDescription
ANYDATAHolds any data type.
DBMS_ALERTProvides procedures for notification and waiting. They are integrated with a Tibero database.
DBMS_APPLICATION_INFOModifies a value of a view related to application information.
DBMS_AQProvides procedures and functions related to Advanced Queuing.
DBMS_AQADMProvides procedures and functions used to configure and manage Advanced Queuing.
DBMS_CRYPTOEncrypts or decrypts data using DES, DES3, and AES algorithms, and chain and padding methods.
DBMS_DB_VERSIONChecks for product version information.
DBMS_DDLProvides WRAPPING and other DDL related functions for DDLs that start with CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE, or PACKAGE.
DBMS_DEBUGDebugs PLSQL (PSM) programs using two sessions.
DBMS_ERRLOGSupports the error logging function for DML.
DBMS_FLASHBACKProvides the flashback function.
DBMS_JAVAAccesses Java objects used in the database.
DBMS_JOB_WITH_NAMEManages JOBs using their names.
DBMS_LOBProcesses BLOB and CLOB data.
DBMS_LOCKSets a session to standby.
DBMS_METADATAProvides a function for creating a DDL creation script by querying DB object metadata.
DBMS_MONITORFor monitoring SQL executions by instance, session, and client ID.
DBMS_MVIEWProvides information about materialized views and refreshes them.
DBMS_OBFUSCATION_TOOLKITEncrypts or decrypts data using the DES and DES3 algorithms.
DBMS_OUTPUTStores and retrieves messages in/from a message buffer.
DBMS_PIPESupports communication between sessions on the same instance.
DBMS_RANDOMCreates a number or a string.
DBMS_REDEFINITIONRedefines a specific table in an online state.
DBMS_REPAIRExamines and recovers a broken block in a table or an index.
DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGERAllocates resources according to task characteristics.
DBMS_RESULT_CACHEManages the result cache.
DBMS_RLSManages a virtual private database.
DBMS_ROWIDViews or creates information in a ROWID.
DBMS_SCHEDULERSchedules and manages PLSQL (PSM) programs.
DBMS_SESSIONManages session identifiers.
DBMS_SPACEProvides information about materialized views and refreshes them.
DBMS_SPACE_ADMINAdministers segments.
DBMS_SPHProvides functions required for using SQL Plan History (hereafter SPH).
DBMS_SQLUses dynamic SQL to access the database.
DBMS_SQLTUNECreates real-time SQL monitoring reports.
DBMS_SQL_TRANSLATORCreates and manages SQL translation profiles.
DBMS_STATSManages statistical information about database objects.
DBMS_SYSTEMUsed by the SYS user to control the system.
DBMS_TPRProvides functions required for using Tibero Performance Repository (TPR).
DBMS_TRANSACTIONExecutes a transaction statement, and administers the transactions.
DBMS_TYPESDefines data types as numbers.
DBMS_UTILITYProvides various utility functions.
DBMS_VERIFYChecks integrity of various items.
DBMS_XMLDOMProvides DOM API for XML document processing.
DBMS_XMLGENReceives a query and creates an XMLTYPE result set for the query.
DBMS_XPLANQueries information about SQL plans and executions.
HTFCreates HTML tags.
HTPCreates HTML tags. Linked with mod_tbpsm developed with Apache Web server modules, it creates an HTML page when invoking a procedure.
OWA_UTILIncludes the utility usually used by a web agent.
TEXT_DDLChanges TEXT INDEX settings.
UTL_COMPRESSFor data compression/decompression.
UTL_ENCODEUses standard encoding technology to transfer data between hosts.
UTL_I18NProvides compatibility functions for language and international settings.
UTL_MATCHProvides string comparison functions.
UTL_RAWProcesses RAW data.
UTL_RECOMPRecompiles invalid objects.
UTL_URLConverts a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) address to an escaped format.

PLSQL (PSM) Procedures available only in Dedicated Subscriptions.

System PackageDescription
UTL_FILEAccesses files managed by the operating system.
UTL_HTTPMakes web page or service calls based on the web standard (RFC2616).
UTL_TCPSupports TCP/IP socket communication with a remote TCP server using tbPSM.
UTL_SNMPUTL_SMTP is a built in utility package, which is used for sending emails over SMTP. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.