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Predicate Filtering – In Action

What is Predicate Filtering? It is the ability to skip reading unnecessary data at storage level from a data set. Easy description: It filters the WHERE of your SELECT at Storage Level, so it does NOT need to load the full data set into RAM to filter rows or columns....

Accessing your Trial Tibero SQLaaS Service

tbAdmin (Official IDE/GUI for Tibero) Download official GUI here for Windows or Linux. (64 bit). For 32-bit version refer to the official website. Execute the program and enter your user/password followed by the IP, Port and DB Name specified in the e-mail....

Tibero Database vs Oracle Database Performance

Some people state that Oracle Database is the world fastest and the only to run heavy production workloads... Some potential customers in North Europe requested us to make a serious TPC (the most reknown authority for database performance). Results for commodity...

ETL vs ELT in Dimensigon Data Platform

In doubt, use common sense.Proverb There are no fixed guidelines on when to use ETL or ELT. It is normal that both are used in many enterprise companies and normal. It is clear that you can design a process and it is working beautifully for you, 100% OK. But what is...