Dimensigon Data Platform enables companies to have an Elastic Data Platform.

Unique features

  • Access Big Data from the comfort of a Database, transparently.
    • aka. Virtual Schema. You just send flat files, CSVs or any other delimited files to our Hadoop Cluster and it will be automatically available inside your database, inheriting the database read privileges as well.
  • Familiar: Best PL/SQL Native Support
  • Predicate Filtering
  • Best ETL Database Engine Performance in the market. Check the Figures
  • Run any workload, OLTP, OLAP, DSS, DI,…
  • The only Data Platform that combines the best performance for ETL and at the same time


  • Up to 4x Performance gain versus Oracle Exadata, under similar hardware conditions.
  • Elasticity to save your budget. Grows when required upon approval and shrinks when load goes down.