Tibero is a modern RDBMS focused on Oracle DB compatibility with Exadata capabilities at a better cost than Open Source Support fees.
All features are included, very friendly for Devs. Flexible architecture


  • Unmatched linear scalability
  • Online Aggregation to enable Real-Time Analytics
  • Ultra-scalable Transactions
  • Mixed Workload
  • Next-Generation NoSQL+RDBMS (NewSQL Database)


  • Unrivalled In-Memory performance.
  • Database focused on Analytics.
  • Easy way to import data and run reports.

Open Source “GitHub”.

  • Unlimited number of Users.
  • Unlimited number of Repositories (Private or Public).
  • Get your own Git Web-based administration portal.
  • 100% Private to you.
  • Dedicated Virtual Server.

Demo first?

We give away credits that you can use on GCP, AWS or Azure.

Tell us your goal and we will make our best to allocate these credits for you.


Dimensigon Universal Credits

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Looking for a Full-Stack offering?

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